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IVR Speech Technologies :: Velocity v3.0

The Velocity v3 toolkit provides extensive support for speech based application development. Traditionally, the IVR World as we know it used touch-tone (DTMF) or telephone keypad entry to interact with users. Thankfully, the quality of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engines and the modern scientific approach to Voice User Interface (VUI) design has led to a much wider adoption of speech recognition technology in the IVR environment. Similarly, the vast improvement in quality of Text To Speech (TTS) engines has resulted in increased deployment of synthesized speech output.

The Velocity engine supports the following key standards for both ASR & TTS.

  • SAPI 5
  • MRCP
  • Microsoft Speech Server Platform

SAPI is a Speech Application Programming Interface developed by Microsoft to allow the use of Speech Recognition and Speech Synthesis within Windows applications. Velocity supports all SAPI 5 releases and therefore any SAPI compliant ASR or TTS engine can be used in a Velocity based application. If you are investigating speech applications for the first time, the development team at Glorsoft would always recommend SAPI as a good starting point. SAPI is supported in the Standard Edition of Velocity v3. This, combined with the free SAPI ASR and TTS voices included in Windows make it a cost-effective way to whet your appetite for speech development.

MRCP or Media Resource Control Protocol is a communications protocol used to control media resources on the network using a distributed, client/server architecture. MRCP is recognised as a robust and scalable technology which is now supported by all of the major speech engine vendors such as Ivona, Loquendo, Lumenvox, Nuance and others. The MRCP standard is now fully supported in our Velocity v3 Professional Edition.

Microsoft Speech Server Platform (MSSP) is another alternative available to the developer community for speech applications. The Microsoft Speech Server Runtime component provides full ASR and TTS functionality so there is no requirement for third party engines. Microsoft also provide the ASR languages and TTS voices making this very simple and cost effective. At time of publishing, Microsoft do not charge for the MSSP Runtime Component, Languages or Voices. MSSP is supported in our Velocity v3 Professional Edition. Download Microsoft Speech Server Runtime (Version 10.2)

It's never been easier to integrate speech into your .NET Telephony applications !

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