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Glorsoft Building Relationships - ISV Case Study
ISV Customer Case Study - ISYS Group (UK) 

ISYS Group Ltd is a leader in the development of workforce and workplace management systems. Its product set addresses all areas of Workforce Management, including Time & Attendance tracking, Access Control, staff planning and scheduling, HR record keeping, job costing, employee profiling, absence management and payroll processing.

ISYS Group invests heavily in research and on-going development to support the best emerging technologies.  The company boasts its own in-house development and support teams who play a substantial part in its success.  The company is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner. http://www.isys-group.co.uk/

Key Requirements
ISYS Groups systems rely on real-time, mission, security and safety critical data. “The Velocity tool stack was flexible enough to meet our functionality requirements while being proven reliable in the field. No one else seemed to offer the features we wanted with the security of a proven solution” stated Michael Post, Operations Director.

Application Details
As a part of their widely adopted Time & Attendance module, ISYS Group developed an IVR that allows employees to record transactions over the phone, feeding back into the main system. These transactions can include payroll and billing sensitive information such as clocking in/out and spending billable time on certain contracts as well as safety information such as lone worker tracking.

“For us, our Velocity based application is a fire-and-forget exercise. It installs in minutes and runs reliably day in and day out. It has returned our initial investment many times over” stated Michael post.

Why Velocity™ ? - From an ISV's Perspective
Commenting on why ISYS Group chose Velocity, Michael Post said “It took us around two weeks to have a version of the system up and running. We were aided considerably by Velocity’s excellent development framework. As our developers were already comfortable working in Microsoft .Net they found it simple to learn the Velocity tools. Having worked with other similar products in the past they were impressed with the structured object oriented approach used.

We’ve now been running our Velocity based solution in production environments on customer sites for years, and have continued to develop it to meet new customer requirements. Each version of Velocity is more powerful than the last, and we have yet to be asked for a solution that Velocity doesn’t provide.”

Why Glorsoft™ ?
When asked to comment on ISYS Group’s experience of working with Glorsoft, Michael Post said “We work with dozens of software and hardware vendors from all over the world, and our relationship with Glorsoft is as good as any. They are approachable and helpful, and very, very knowledgeable about all things telephony. I would suggest engaging with Glorsoft early in the planning process for any application. The only mistake that we made early on was to decide on our own requirements, begin down that route and only then explain our thinking to Glorsoft. Their expertise is such that we would have really benefited from engaging them immediately so that they could help us shape our vision. That being said, they were excellent at helping us change tack quickly and with minimal pain and are now always our first port of call.”

Glorsoft provides its Velocity SDK to ISV Customers Worldwide. For further information about ISV partnerships please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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